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Patient communication matters now more than ever. Scripting is one of the best tools for managing the patient experience. Use scripts to make sure every patient interaction is a positive one…

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Customer Service

Excellent dentistry alone does not guarantee that your practice will succeed, you need to say the right things to patients. Scripting will enable you to do this consistently.

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Patient Problems

Some problems will inevitably arise between your practice and your patients. To prepare for non-clinical problems that involve patients, follow these five steps:

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Most patient-practice relationships begin with a phone call, and how you handle that first interaction will probably have a profound effect on what follows.

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Power Words

Learning to use power words effectively will find it much easier to reach your performance targets, whether it’s a higher case acceptance rate, more referrals from patients, or reduced no-shows.

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Welcoming Patients

To stand out in a crowded field, your practice needs to consistently “WOW” patients. Dental scripts have the power to elevate your customer service from ordinary to extraordinary.

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