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New Patient Experience

Getting new patients to make an appointment is only the first step. When they show up for their appointment, you and your team have to "wow" them so they keep coming back. Find out how…

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Relationship Building

In the business world, many companies struggle to find ways to build relationships with customers, or prospective customers. Relationship marketing, as this is known, can yield sub...

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Next Appointment

The very last step in the New Patient Experience is, in a way, the most important. Let’s suppose that your front desk coordinator has handled the initial new patient call skillfull...

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First Appointment

In the course of a practice-patient relationship, the first dental appointment is a momentous event. Handled well by you and your staff, it will affirm the patients’ decision to ma...

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Comprehensive Exam

The New Patient Experience—with its relationship-building first phone call and warm welcome to the office—has a strong customer service focus. But the main event occurs in the trea...

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First Phone Call

Of all the non-clinical activities in your office, taking the first phone call from a prospective patient may very well be the most critical. Your dental front desk coordinator—or ...

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