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Hall Technique Stainless Steel Crowns

Another available nonsurgical and minimally invasive caries management option for the patient population discussed above is the Hall technique SSC. This technique eliminates the need for local anesthesia, caries removal, and tooth preparation as the crown is seated over an unprepared carious tooth. This treatment can be done in one visit if there is adequate spacing between teeth, or may benefit from the placement of elastic spacers to spread the teeth apart prior to crown fitting. The goal of a Hall crown is to seal and isolate the carious lesion from the intraoral biofilm and thus prevent caries progression. This technique is indicated for carious primary molars with no signs or symptoms of pulpal inflammation or involvement. Proper diagnosis for case selection is vital to the success of the treatment and regular follow up is recommended.

Since there is no reduction of the tooth, there is a temporary increase in the occlusal vertical dimension, causing a “high bite” that tends to even out within a few weeks. There have been promising data that show the Hall technique to be very similar in success rates when compared with traditional SSCs.

Hall Technique Stainless Steel Crowns

Hall technique Stainless Steel Crown