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Buccal Mucosa

The buccal mucosa covers the inner surface of the cheeks. Stensen's duct, the opening for the parotid gland, is located opposite the maxillary molars. Saliva from the parotid gland is secreted through this opening and comprises approximately 25% of the total resting salivary volume. Many common childhood infections like measles and chickenpox show early signs of disease on the oral mucosa.

Fordyce Granules are normal ectopic sebaceous glands found on the upper lip, buccal mucosa, retromolar area and anterior tonsillar pillar. They present as multiple yellow or whitish-yellow, slightly raised, tiny pinhead-sized spots.

Buccal Mucosa

Buccal Mucosa

Once the teeth have erupted, trauma from cheek biting is often seen in the buccal mucosa.

Buccal Mucosa - La muqueuse buccale

Cheek Bite

Buccal Mucosa - Chronic Cheek Biting

Chronic Cheek Biting